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Dog Skin Disorders, Skin Rashes

dog skin disorders, rashesDog skin disorders are probably the most crucial disorders dog owners have to deal with. The dogs skin and coat is an indicator for its general health. Once skin rashes occur they can be long lasting problems requiring persistent treatments by dog owners. Thus, it is important for you to prevent dog skin disorders and rashes.
Most dog skin disorders are immune system related as: demodectic mange, eczema, scalp psoriasis, ringworm, seborrheic dermatitis, yeast infection.
Dog scabies is not an immune system related dog skin disorder! Scabies mites spread by direct contact with contaminated animals or items.

Dog skin disorders are indicated by itchy scalp, skin rashes, hairloss, scabs, or very dry dog skin.

How you can help your dog

A mild spray from Tea tree oil will discourage your dog from digging at the skin (because the bitter taste). Aloe Vera, Omega fatty acids, and Neem oil are effective treatments. In mild cases it already can be helpful to wash your dogs skin with apple cidre vinegar or use aloe vera.
dog skin treatment-results See before-after photos of our successful dog skin treatment


Pet medication       Boost the immune system       Dog food diet for skin disorders

Other Dog skin disorders:

Demodectic Mange ::: Scabies ::: Yeast Infection ::: Eczema ::: Ringworm
Scalp Psoriasis ::: Staphylococci Infection ::: Seborrheic Dermatitis


Have questions about dog skin disorders? Put them in our dog feedback forum


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